Mariyam Dates Manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesaler

Dates are renowned to be called as Crown of Sweets and considered an ideal food for easy digestion. Mariyam Dates is a company that has come up and is known for its highly acclaimed manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of Organic Dates. We have nearly 15 years of experience in organic dates sales across different regions and to varied peoples successfully. The Mariyam dates that we offer is utmost dried and cleaned with immense care, and hygienic methods. We source these Dates to reliable vendors available in this market, ensuring great taste, purity and high nutritional value. Quality is the reason why we are considered as the major dates distributors in the market. We often sell Mariyam dates in bulk orders so that the cost of the Dates is kept at a competitive price.

Mariyam Dates

How to consume Mariyam Dates

Our Organic Dates can be eaten raw and also be blended in a Milk Shake for to be drunk. You can dice the dates and mix them to your breakfast and eat it. You can also mix dates in the salad and consume easily. Read more..

Nutritional Value of Organic Dates

Organic Dates is abundant on Minerals, Vitamins and health benefiting Phyto-nutrients. Our Dates contain Proteins, Vitamin A and K which protects the eyes, maintains health skin and prevent cancer cell growth. Read more..

Buy Organic Dates

We sell Organic Dates in bulk orders to Wholesalers and Retailers on regular basis. We package the Dates in trays and boxes according to the needs of the consumer. Read more..

About Organic Dates

Dates is a delicious fruit grown on palm trees, that is believed to have been originated in the lands around the banks of Nile and Euphrates rivers. Some thousand years ago a Dates Palm tree called Methuselah, is known to have been sprouted and borne fruits, which is still now considered as one of the oldest viable seed. Date Palm is now extensively cultivated for its edible fruit in deciduous regions across India. Organic Dates are grown and harvested using renewable resources and without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and renewable sewage water. Read more..

Benefits of Organic Dates

  • Consuming Dates relieves in Constipation & regular Bowel movements
  • Dates help in maintaining heart health & reducing heart disease risk
  • Dates help in promoting Respiratory & Digestive health
  • Dates help in maintaining Electrolytes Balance
  • Dates aids in preventing Iron deficiency & anemia
  • Dates regulate the blood pressure
  • Consume Dates in time of pregnancy does relieves pain
  • Dates help in arthritis patients
  • Dates help in Weight gain
  • Dates is an excellent Anti-Oxidant
  • Improves overall Health


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